Bridgewater Canal

The Bridgewater Canal is a 39 mile long canal which runs from Runcorn in Cheshire to Leigh west of Manchester. It is described as the first canal in England to be built without following an existing watercourse.  Named after its owner, Francis Egerton the third Duke of Bridgewater who built the Canal to transport coal from his mines at Worsley to the industrial areas of Manchester.

The Bridgewater Canal

I ran the first 4 miles out from Runcorn past the Brindley Arts Centre and a few permanent moorings. The towpath is also a cycle path and was easy running.



Bates Bridge


Brindley Arts Centre named after James Brindley an engineer who worked on the Bridgewater Canal and who is recognised for his essential role in shaping the building of canals during the Industrial Revolution.


At Waterloo bridge the canal ends, now blocked by the road to the bridge over the river Mersey. Beyond this are the remains of the flight of 10 locks which linked to the river.

An interesting and historical route which I came across by accident but am keen to run more of especially to explore the Barton Swing Aqueduct which carries the Bridgewater Canal over the Manchester Ship Canal.

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