Kinder in Winter

So the planned route was to start from the car park at Bowden Bridge about half a mile from Hayfield then run up past Kinder reservoir onto the Pennine Way. I was then going to follow the Pennine Way across Kinder Downfall to the top of Jacobs Ladder before returning to the car via Oaken Clough. The weather, however, meant that for safety reasons the plans had to change.

From the car park I followed the road to Bowden Bridge.

Just before the bridge are the remains of a sheep wash where farmers would bring the sheep down from the hill and dip them to prevent fly strike.

After crossing the bridge I took the footpath through the woods to reach Kinder reservoir, built to supply water to Stockport.

There is a footpath along the side of the reservoir but I turned left and then right climbing up to a higher level path which contoured around the valley.

I then continued to follow this path, and the river through Williams Clough up to meet the Pennine Way. The path at this point was sometimes alongside the stream and occasionally in the stream itself with the climb increasing in steepness as I made my way to the top.

At this point I was starting to see signs of the snow that had fallen a few days before.

Once onto the Pennine Way the snow began to cause more of a problem as it covered the path and in places was quite deep. I made my way along in the direction of Kinder Downfall becoming increasingly aware of being the only person up here. 

About half a mile after this photo was taken the weather changed, it became very windy and started to rain. I reached a point where a path would taken me back down towards the reservoir and I decided a lower level route would be a sensible decision.

Having reached the head of the reservoir I took a left turn onto access land and found a path which existed on the ground but not on the map.

I followed this round to connect with another footpath and eventually up to join the track at Oaken Clough which comes down from Edale Rocks. The weather continued to deteriorate and by now I was wearing full waterproofs. The decision to take a lower route had definitely been the right one.

I later read that mountain rescue had been called out that afternoon to rescue several walkers who had become lost and disoriented in the Edale Rocks/ Kinder Downfall area. 

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