T8 Commandos Running Underwear

T8 are a Hong Kong based company producing underwear suitable for the hot and humid conditions that runners experience in Asian countries.

I first tested a #gifted pair of the T8 commandos running underwear in rainy Essex, UK and found them very comfortable. I used them on both short runs and longer days on the trail and have found them extremely comfortable.

I don’t normally wear shorts style underwear so at first they felt a bit different but after a 6 mile run I was not even aware of them.

I did originally order a small size but with Asian sizing they have proved a little tight on the thighs so I then ordered a medium pair to use on my longer runs.

T8 Commandos Running Underwear

Last year I completed the West Highland Way in Scotland covering about 20 miles per day. I wore the T8 commandos throughout, this being possible due to the fact that they are so quick drying. I could rinse them out each evening and then leave them to dry overnight. I think in the summer you could probably put them straight back on again.

Recently we have had very warm weather in the UK and T8 commandos running underwear have continued to excel in these conditions. I have run 20+ miles in hot sticky weather with no discomfort or issues with chafing. Thoroughly recommended.

You can order in the UK from Challenge Running.

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